1. Products for Building Materials, Sanitaryware, Tableware and Industrial Ceramics
        1) Refractory: Ceramic Roller, Cordierite-Mullite Kiln Furniture, Silicon Carbide Kiln Furniture, Refractory Brick, Ceramic Fiber Products.
        2) Structural Ceramics: Alumina Ball, Alumina Lining, Ceramic Parts
        3) Chemicals & Raw Materials: Dispergator, Body Intensifier, Nano-Liquid ( Antifoulant), Engobe, FeldSpar
        4) Machinery Spare Parts: Diamond Wheels, Abrasive Stone, Clibrating Roller, Transmission Parts for Kiln, Spare Parts for Press, Spray Tower, Glazing Line. 

    2. Products for Glass and Semiconductor Industries
       1) Refractory: Silica Brick, Clay Brick, High Alumina Brick, AZS Brick, Electric Smelting Brick, Quarts Brick, Mullite Brick, Ceramic Fiber Products, Ceramic Fiber Paper.
       2) Structural Ceramics: Fused Silica Roller, Fused Silica Products for Glass Kiln, Fused Silica Crucible, Kiln Furniture for Lithium Battery.
       3) Chemicals & Raw Materials: Fused Silica, High Purity Quartz Grits, Sodium Feldspar, Potassium Feldspar
       4) Machinery Spare Parts: Diamond Tools

     3. Products for Energy, Chemical and Mining Industries
       1) Refractory and Acid-Resistant Materials, Corroding Resistant Materials, Wear Resistant Materials: Silicon Carbide Products, Alumina Liner, 
       2) Structural Ceramics: Proppant, Ceramic Packing Ball, Ceramic Packing, Honeycomb Ceramics, Ceramic Cylinder Liner, Ceramic Plunger, Ceramic Membrane,
           Porous Filtration Ceramics
       3) Machinery Spare Parts: Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC), Diamond Tools

     4. Products for Metallurgy Foundry and Thermal Engineering
       1) Refractory: kinds of Refractory Brick, Castables, Mortar, Ceramic Fiber products, Refractory Ceramic Parts for Gating System, Kiln Furniture
       2) Structural Ceramics: Ceramic Foam Filter, Ceramic Honeycomb Filter, Strainer, Ceramsite Sand
       3) Machinery Spare Parts: Diamond Tools
     5. Supply Chain Service

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