AMI  supply products for various industries as below.

 1. Products for Building Materials, Sanitaryware, Tableware and Industrial Ceramics        
    1) Refractory: Ceramic Roller, Cordierite-Mullite Kiln Furniture, Silicon Carbide Kiln Furniture, Refractory Brick, Ceramic Fiber Products.    
    2) Structural Ceramics: Alumina Ball, Alumina Lining, Ceramic Parts     
    3) Chemicals & Raw Materials: Dispergator, Body Intensifier, Nano-Liquid ( Antifoulant), Engobe, FeldSpar    
    4) Machinery Spare Parts: Diamond Wheels, Abrasive Stone, Clibrating Roller, Transmission Parts for Kiln, Spare Parts for Press, Spray Tower, Glazing Line.   

Products for Building Material


2. Products for Glass and Semiconductor Industries     
    1) Refractory: Silica Brick, Clay Brick, High Alumina Brick, AZS Brick, Electric Smelting Brick, Quarts Brick, Mullite Brick, Ceramic Fiber Products, Ceramic Fiber Paper.     
    2) Structural Ceramics: Fused Silica Roller, Fused Silica Products for Glass Kiln, Fused Silica Crucible, Kiln Furniture for Lithium Battery.     
    3) Chemicals & Raw Materials: Fused Silica, High Purity Quartz Grits, Sodium Feldspar, Potassium Feldspar    
    4) Machinery Spare Parts: Diamond Tools       

Products for Glass and Semiconductor

3. Products for Energy, Chemical and Mining Industries    
    1) Refractory and Acid-Resistant Materials, Corroding Resistant Materials, Wear Resistant Materials: Silicon Carbide Products, Alumina Liner     
    2) Structural Ceramics: Proppant, Ceramic Packing Ball, Ceramic Packing, Honeycomb Ceramics, Ceramic Cylinder Liner, Ceramic Plunger, 
                                      Ceramic Membrane,     Porous Filtration Ceramics     
    3) Machinery Spare Parts: Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC), Diamond Tools

Products for Energy, Chemical and Mining INdustries


4. Products for Metallurgy Foundry and Thermal Engineering    
    1) Refractory: kinds of Refractory Brick, Castables, Mortar, Ceramic Fiber products, Refractory Ceramic Parts for Gating System, Kiln Furniture     
    2) Structural Ceramics: Ceramic Foam Filter, Ceramic Honeycomb Filter, Strainer, Ceramsite Sand     
    3) Machinery Spare Parts: Diamond Tools          

Products for Matellugy Foundry

5. Supply Chain Service




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